From Talk to Action: Empowering Your Workforce with Proven Well-being Training.

From Talk to Action: Empowering Your Workforce with Proven Well-being Training.

After three years of living through a global pandemic, people have forgotten what ‘normal’ is; instead, living in a heightened state of fight, flight, or freeze has become the norm.

Siobhan, a globally recognized expert in burnout and workplace well-being, has adapted her training to reflect the need for easy-to-implement, time-efficient well-being strategies.  Her evidence-based content and strategies are delivered via webinars, individual coaching, peer support and additional resources providing a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.

Employee Burnout is a global concern

77% say they have experienced burnout at their current job.

91% say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work

83% say burnout can negatively impact personal relationships

Source: Deloitte, 2023



Wellbeing Together Training Courses (10 weeks)

All training courses are evidence-based, with solutions to improve well-being's five pillars: Emotional, Physical, Social, Workplace and Societal.  Each training program can be booked independently, as part of a series, or as a follow-up to keynotes.

  •  10-week training
  •  5 live online webinars
  •  5 individual coaching sessions per attendee throughout the 10 weeks
  • Manager Pre-training and post-training calls
  •  Post training feedback


Over a decade, providing training to Governments, Universities, organizations, and multinational corporations.


Qualifications and relevant expertise to ensure you receive the highest quality training.

Results Driven

Courses specifically designed to provide results, whether it be increased productivity or prevent burnout.

The Burnout Solution

Based on her best-selling book, The Burnout Solution, Siobhan will break down the barriers of burnout responsibility, explain the burnout journey, reframe wellbeing as something we are, not another thing to add to the ‘to-do’ list and address her ‘prevention is better than cure’ strategy.

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Neurodiversity Awareness

They are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity and its impact on the workforce. This training equips you with the knowledge and skills to make your workplace more inclusive and supportive. It covers topics such as the advantages and challenges of neurodiversity, creating an inclusive and supportive work environment, and supporting neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

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Realizing Resilience

Starting with understanding the six domains of resilience and why it is an essential part of life. Step-by-step methods to become more resilient and continuously adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Regardless of age, gender or role, this training will empower employees to face change and uncertainty with energy and clarity.

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Stress Management

Our home and working lives are becoming increasingly stressful, whether due to our jobs, family commitments or financial worries. When stress is not avoidable or is outside of your control, learn strategies for self-management. Understand colleagues'/employees' stress and discover how to manage it effectively. Stress management training is an essential part of Well-being. We are focused on teaching employees how to recognize, process, and manage stressors at work.

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Self-Management and Organizational Skills

Introducing our latest training program, designed to empower professionals to reconnect with their true selves. Over ten weeks, participants will delve deep into their personality, values, and strengths, gaining invaluable insights to craft a personal mission statement aligned with their goals and aspirations.

This transformative experience will equip participants with a stronger sense of self, improved communication skills, and unique organizational techniques, boost self-esteem and confidence, and use energy levels rather than time to increase productivity and success across all areas of their lives. With a focus on the individual rather than the role, this training promises to unlock the full potential of every participant, paving the way for more significant personal and professional growth.

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Women in Leadership

Introducing our newest training program, Leadership Development for Women. Women's leadership has consistently proven to be a powerful force for positive change. Female leaders share unique skills, strengths, and perspectives essential for creating a more equitable society. This training provides participants with the tools to navigate challenges, gain confidence to lead, and motivate future generations, empowering them to impact their organizations and communities positively.

We offer a variety of formats, including online, in-person, and blended courses. Our online courses are interactive and engaging, while our in-person classes are designed to be immersive and experiential.

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Half-day Professional Development

A half-day well-being development workshop aims to provide participants with practical tools and strategies for improving their overall well-being, personally and professionally.  The content can vary depending on your employees and organization’s needs and goals. 


Introduction and icebreakers: Introduce the topic and icebreaker activities to help participants get to know each other and disconnect from work mode.

Education and discussion: presentations on various topics related to well-being, stress management, burnout prevention, sleep hygiene, nutrition, movement, and energy management for time efficiency.

Resources and support: provide participants with resources and information on continuing their well-being journey after the workshop.  A prescriptive, tactical plan to engage individuals and teams immediately post-event.

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What Are The Benefits for Your Company of Contracting Me


I am a trained professional with expertise in identifying and addressing workplace issues that can negatively impact employee morale and organisational productivity. By identifying stressors, improving communication and collaboration, I create strategies to improve overall wellbeing.


I provide an objective perspective on your workplace issues and provides insights and solutions that may not be apparent to you or the organization.  I focus on areas for improvement and provides unbiased advice on how to address them.

Tailored Solutions

I create bespoke programs and solutions that meet the specific needs of your workplace. I Include employee input to create initiatives with high employee engagement and commitment.

Improved Outcomes

Employees who not just feel supported and valued, but are supported and valued, are more engaged, productive, and committed to their work.

Justin Mulhern, Senior Enterprise Development Officer

"Siobhan is a thoroughly engaging and relatable person. The NEWS event for Local Enterprise Week was fun but more importantly dealt with a subject that is very real. We knew how important this was but little did we know, at the time, how things were to change, and Siobhan’s advice and guidance would be all the more relevant."

Research shows that employee wellbeing programs work when leadership and managers are fully engaged.  

Positive Health starts with listening to your employees' needs and creating a program that matters.

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