Shift Your Organization's Well-being Focus to a Culture of Well-being

Today's fast-paced world, hybrid working environments and blurred work-life boundaries have resulted in increased levels of employee burnout. It's time for companies to acknowledge the importance of their staff's emotional, mental, and physical health well-being in achieving business objectives. 

Twisting The Jar provides exclusive consultancy and coaching services that support people's lives in totality, not just the working day. Our science-based well-being initiatives encompass the five pillars of well-being: Emotional, Physical, Social, Workplace, and Societal, combined with Positive Health, a scientific framework for promoting optimal health and well-being.

A recent Gallup survey shows that investing in a culture of well-being leads to a more productive, loyal, and innovative workforce. Companies prioritising well-being as part of their culture see higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and stronger employee loyalty. Neglecting employee well-being can be costly, but embracing it can lead to more robust and resilient organizations.

Employee Burnout is a global concern

77% say they have experienced burnout at their current job.

91% say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work

83% say burnout can negatively impact personal relationships

Source: Deloitte, 2023



Wellbeing 360 Strategy

Corporate Wellbeing Consultancy 

For organizations with an existing well-being program, Empower360 reviews your current strategy, policies, practices, and culture. We identify the level of support available for employees and potential growth opportunities and deliver recommendations and an implementation timeline.

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Empower 360 Advisor

Investing in an annual retainer option for consistent and reliable support is a great way to enhance employee engagement and drive positive outcomes.

Your company will benefit from our in-depth understanding of your business, enabling customized well-being programs and services that align with your company values and commitment to promoting the five pillars of well-being.

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What Are The Benefits for Your Company of Contracting Me


I am a trained professional with expertise in identifying and addressing workplace issues that can negatively impact employee morale and organisational productivity. By identifying stressors, improving communication and collaboration, I create strategies to improve overall wellbeing.


I provide an objective perspective on your workplace issues and provides insights and solutions that may not be apparent to you or the organization.  I focus on areas for improvement and provides unbiased advice on how to address them.

Tailored Solutions

I create bespoke programs and solutions that meet the specific needs of your workplace. I Include employee input to create initiatives with high employee engagement and commitment.

Improved Outcomes

Employees who not just feel supported and valued, but are supported and valued, are more engaged, productive, and committed to their work.

Twisting The Jar provides a comprehensive approach to workplace well-being that aligns with your company's values and supports your employees' emotional, mental, and physical health.

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