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Whether you're currently feeling overwhelmed or on track towards success, implementing effective strategies can help you avoid burnout, achieve your goals, and cultivate a fulfilling life.


I'm Siobhan Murray

In the early stages of my career, I subconsciously adopted the role of a "people pleaser" due to learned behaviors from my childhood. This led me to constantly push myself to prove my worth to others, ultimately resulting in burnout. Unfortunately, this pattern of behavior continued for the next 20 years, with burnout becoming a recurring cycle. To cope, I turned to alcohol, thinking it was a way to destress. However, the reality was I was emotionally, physically, and mentally burnt out. I believed that this was just the way things were if I wanted to succeed in life, and I could have continued living unhappy, disengaged, exhausted and self-medicating with alcohol for years.

But I chose a different path.

I decided to use my burnout experiences as an opportunity to bring about change. I took the time to understand the external and internal causes of burnout, and the physical and emotional impact it has on individuals, families and organizations. Over the next 12 years, I re-educated myself with a BSc (Coun and Psych), ProfDip. Transformational Coaching, Certified Personal Trainer, Dip. Mindfulness, Master Practitioner NLP and ProfDip Positive Health (RCSI Centre for Positive Health Sciences). In my quest for a better quality of life I was, through trial and error, creating a roadmap of teachable strategies and solutions.  This roadmap can help anyone or any organisation embrace Positive Health and increase the Six Domains of Resilience to prevent Burnout.

I established Twisting The Jar to shift the common perception of well-being as merely a 'soft skill' and emphasize that it is not a commodity to purchase or a destination to achieve, but a way of life. It is about cultivating positive micro habits that can be incorporated into already busy daily routines. I advocate for a practical approach to well-being that encourages individuals, and organisations, to become more self-aware and take charge of what is in their control. By working collaboratively, we can create sustainable change that fosters emotional, physical, and mental health balance, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Digital Courses

Self-paced programs built upon learnings from my personal experiences with burnout and years of coaching and psychotherapy in my private practice.

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Positive Health Academy Group Coaching

Unlock the Power of Collective Growth. Receive support and encouragement from others who are on a similar journey.

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Positive Health Coaching for Burnout Recovery

1: 1 Coaching to gain insight into the underlying causes of your burnout. Develop practical skills to prevent future burnout & achieve your goals.

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'360 Wellbeing' Organizational Consulting

3, 6 or 9 month sustainable Positive Health programs tailored to your business and challenges.

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My Story

I started my career in the music industry (working for amazing artists like Sir Elton John), moved into the not-for-profit (The Ronald McDonald Children's Charity) sector and did a stint with global corporations (PepsiCo, McDonalds) all of which led me to burnout. 

My family grew from just me to being a solo mum of 2 boys while juggling a corporate career but at no time did I address the basics, the core pillars and values that keep us all in sound mind and body, I didn’t know who I was outside of what I did (it’s in knowing who we are that gives us the ability to adapt to the world). 

Something had to change if I was to live in the world with some level of contentment and raise my family.  With the determination that I could work without getting burnt out, raise my family and feel better, emotionally, mentally and physically, I pursued a Bsc (Coun and Psych).  I have since added Coaching and ProfDip in Positive Health to ensure my knowledge is grounded in science-based research.

Over the last decade, I realised how to ingrain ‘care-of-self’ into my life so burnout became a thing of the past. I am on a mission to make personal and organisational well-being a fundamental part of life. My work philosophy is embedded with science-backed research and combines empathy, understanding, and corporate knowledge with my natural, solution-focused practicality to equally address the needs of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

I live with my two teenage sons, two dogs, two cats and have a thing for chilli chocolate!

"Siobhan gave expert insights and very practical actionable tips to the participants on our webinar.  Her expertise in dealing with very real corporate and home life scenarios was very evident in all her balanced advice throughout the session." 

- David Malone, Membership Services & Marketing Director, ExecutiveInstitute.ie 

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