Working with me

My resilience and burnout coaching program is designed to help you go from feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed and lacking in self belief to stepping into a stronger frame of mind.

Through my own personal experience of burnout, my career working in high stress environments like the music industry and fast paced corporate world, and working as a psychotherapist, I am here to help you create a calmer, easier life to live.

Whether you’re a career driven corporate or a self-employed entrepreneur, or simply feel utterly overwhelmed, knowing that you can’t continue to live with continual high level stress is the starting point in making the changes you need.

Knowing when to ask for help is next, and that is where I come in!

What’s important to remember is this, this is not therapy, I may be an accredited Psychotherapist but I am also a Coach, my work is about getting you to move forward, and not about the past. 

With that being said, moving forward can be seen as a form of recovery, a certain amount of pre-work is required to figure out what got you to Burnout in the first place.

Once the pre-work is done, then it’s down to bringing your life back to basics and re-building your personal and physical resilience to ensure you recovery, or avoid being Burnt-out and overwhelmed.



Your guide to thrive, not just survive, while working from home.

And gain proven strategies that will create adaptable resilience instead of burnout in your personal and professional life.

Imagine feeling motivated and energised once you’ve implemented my tips and strategies!

This is the perfect starting point even if you’ve been remote working for the last few months, grab your ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REMOTE WORKING now!