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Whether it’s an intense clarity session or ongoing resilience coaching,
I have the solution for you to go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed
and lacking in self-belief to stepping into a stronger frame of mind
so you can feel like your true self again.

my services:

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Ready for a change? Let’s talk.

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Why work with me?

First, the professional stuff:

  • I’m a fully accredited Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

  • I hold an honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • I lecture on Positive Psychology

  • I regularly speak at events on burnout, stress, positive mindset and building emotional resilience

  • As an adult over achiever I’m constantly researching new ways to help and support my clients

Coaching is about more than just credentials. It requires trust. The personal qualities I have that my clients say enable their comfort and openness to the process are:

  • I’m disciplined – I have a natural talent for bringing structure to complex situations. You’ll walk away from our sessions with practical action steps.

  • I’m an empath – I’m a sensitive person and deeply attuned to your emotions. My clients say I have a knack for getting to the source of problems quickly–and shifting you into action even faster.

  • I’m an individualist – You’ll never get generic, one-size-fits-all advice from me. I work at creating the solutions focused on the exact results you want to achieve.

  • I’m responsible – I value honesty, loyalty, and integrity. our personal sessions are 100% private.

  • I care – I truly care about helping you create a life and career that aligns with your personality and strengths.

I’m here to help you go from stressed, self-doubting, and overwhelmed to confident and in control of your life and career