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Exciting news!

After nearly landing myself in the furnace of being burnt-out, whilst juggling normal family life, work (and a TV project) and all the outlandish curve balls life throws at us, I have finally finished writing my first book, The Burnout Solution.  

Throughout the book you will learn what the signs and symptoms of Burnout are in both your personal and professional life and what exactly you can do to help aid your recovery and ensure you don't end up Burnt-out ever again.  

The book is a combination of my personal life experiences, my encounter with Burnout in my early 30's, client stories, science and a bit of humour thrown in because being able to laugh makes any situation that little bit easier to manage.  

Learn why multi-tasking is a myth, how to really set your goals, why trying to achieve a balanced life is more stressful than stressless and why sleep is the mother of all medicine! The book is scheduled for release January 2019, in the meantime I will be posting snippets of the chapters on my blog post.

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Coming soon!  

The Burnout solution, a 12 week program for a Calmer, Happier You