Mindfulness For Skeptics

About 8 years ago I came across a wonderful gentleman who waxed lyrical about Mindfulness and the wonderful benefits of daily practice.  It seemed at the time to be what everyone was doing and doing with such ease.  Excited to try this new relaxation technique I purchased a Mindfulness guided meditation CD and started to …

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One Word Resolution

Did you know that 50% of people who set resolutions fall back into their old habits by the end of January?  Instead of setting resolutions, last year I have decided on a ONE-WORD plan to provide more direction and clarity in what I do. It’s based on a book by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and …

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Your Ultimate Roadmap to Managing Stress & Overwhelm

A 5-week tutor-led online course to support you build resilience, prevent burnout and curb anxiety.

Imagine having the strategies and tools to navigate your personal and professional life and even managing remote working while avoiding Burnout?

If this resonates with you then this is the perfect starting point.